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Autobahn Coffee was built to provide cafe quality coffee to outdoor spaces. We cater the bus to the specific needs of each gathering. Autobahn sources menu items we enjoy in our daily lives, coffee we can serve proudly. Event pricing depends on a few factors: desired menu items, expected number of guests and the location and time-frame of your gathering.

Below are the structures Autobahn Coffee typically operates within. This pricing assumes the event is located in the Bend, Oregon area. However, if outside Central Oregon we can discuss road-tripping to you.

Please tell us a bit about your event through the form below or directly by e-mail at chad@autobahncoffee.com. Thank you for considering Autobahn Coffee to be a part of your gathering.


espresso, Drip Coffee & Tea

Included Menu Items:

> Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, Cordato, Latte, Mocha

> all double shot, 10 oz. cups

> option for all espresso drinks to be served iced (+$50 charge)

> Drip Coffee

> Herbal tea

> Chai Latte

// whole & oat milk, sugar, cups & lids provided

Full service Autobahn Coffee VW bus cafe with barista crafting espresso based drinks alongside freshly brewed filter coffee, tea & chai.


$300: up to 50 drinks served // 2 hours of service

+$100: for each additional 25 drinks and/or hour of service

Optional Add-ons:

  1. Iced Coffee Drinks (all drinks offered hot or iced) // $50

  2. Cold Brew Coffee (on-tap) // 55 x 12 oz. portions // $175

  3. Kombucha (on-tap) // 55 x 12 oz. portions // $150

  4. Affogato (vanilla gelato topped with espresso) // $5 each

  5. Milkshakes (vanilla, espresso & chai) // $5 each

  6. Donut holes // served in box of 5 // $3 per box


Cash cafe

Full service cafe for large events at no cost to the event organizer. We will set up the full serviced Autobahn Coffee VW cafe at your event to provide coffee, paid per cup, to event-goers.


Additional ideas? Let us know below!

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